Some of the gears and tools I use regularly to get things done and enjoy life.


  1. iPad
    My "primary" personal computing device right now is an iPad Pro. It does the job for my occasional needs of running productivity apps, writing, web browsing, and content consumption.
  2. Kindle
    I love my Kindle. That's the statement I hear from others who have Kindles too. I currently use an older version, the refurbished Kindle Oasis that I got from for a nice discount.
  3. Phone
    I personally prefer Android (Pixel 7 right now). Android is less exciting than iPhone. I use my phone less because of that.
  4. Security keys
    I started using physical security keys for authentication in 2014. I don't know if they actually help with anything. With the amount of personal data leaks, I like to think that they help.
  5. Earbuds
    I enjoy AirPods Pro 2. Amazing sound quality and great noise cancellation. I use it for commuting and travel.
  6. Laptop
    I don't have a personal laptop. For the past ~10 years I only use employer-owned laptops for work. Every year, when Apple releases new MacBooks, I spend a minute thinking if I need a laptop. The answer is still no. Work's MacBook so far works fine.
a computer monitor sitting on top of a wooden desk
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  • Notion
    I use Notion to organize content for this site. I don't use it for note-taking. I don't organize my entire life in it. I don't necessarily like it, so I limit my use case.
  • Sunsama
    I love Sunsama. It's not cheap, but so is time. I use it daily. It teaches me positive habits and made me a more organized person. That by itself is worth the admission price.
  • Audible
    I enjoy Audible. I got the premium subscription for "free" (not really, the credit card company paid for it, but I paid annual fees). I prefer to listen to fiction books on Audible because it is hard to take notes. I read non-fiction on Kindle (see above).
  • Google Workspace
    I've used it on this domain since it was called Google Apps for Your Domain. Then G Suite. Now Google Workspace. It was free and accessible from virtually anywhere. I am still grandfathered into the free tier.


  1. Ghost(Pro)
    This site is on Ghost(Pro). Don't know why they spell it like that.
  2. Notion & Google Docs
    I mentioned above that I use Notion to organize this site. Sometimes I use Google Docs (part of Google Workspace) to write. Other times I use Ghost editor directly. I am still finding the right balance here.
  3. Grammarly
    Grammarly is an amazing app/widget that fixes my writing. I am still in the testing phase with it. I think it adds meaningful slowness to any editors I use, so I haven't fully committed to it. I believe performance is a feature.
  4. Hemingway App
    I use the web app to fix my sentences. I am not a native English speaker, so tools like this are helpful. It is annoying to use websites or apps for this. A feature like this should be built-in to the editor.
Golden Gate Bridge, California
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Every Day Carry

It's a weird category to write here. You scroll all the way here.

  • Wallet
    I use the Finn Access wallet from Waterfield Designs. It holds cash when I'm in a cash-heavy location. If I don't have to carry cash, I'd carry the LV Pocket Organizer.
  • Backpack
    I'm a fan of Waterfield Designs. I have been using the Bolt Backpack since 2018. It holds up well. I'd buy it again.
  • Glasses
    I have been wearing eyeglasses since middle school. As I grow older, I enjoy a variety of glasses, and I try to rotate them every few weeks. I can't see without them.